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Custom Millwork

Custom Millwork is the easiest way to change your space from gloom to glam.


What is wainscoting? Dating to the 1300s, the Dutch used it to shield the bottom half of plaster walls from such hazards as jostled chairs, spurs on riding boots, perhaps even carelessly swung scabbards. Though still used to protect walls today, it also adds a beautiful feature to any room.


Before drywall, shiplap was used to provide the sheathing between the exterior of a house and the framing. Shiplap also provided the perfect wall surface for wallpaper. If you live in an older home with original shiplap behind the wallpaper, you have a unique design element to work with.  If your home is newer and you want to incorporate shiplap, DP Custom Designs is here for you.


Custom Closets

In the Elizabethan era, the word "closet" referred to a small private room, an inner sanctum within a far larger house. Let us provide a private sanctum for your clothes with a beautiful designed custom closet system.


 The proportions and shapes used in many modern moldings are based on principles of classic Greek architecture developed thousands of years ago. By combining pleasing shapes (ogees, roundovers, fillets) with pleasing proportions, these ancient artisans gave us the design vocabulary to produce the wide variety of moldings in use today.


Barn Doors

Orginally built out of necessity by cattlemen and farmers to allow their live stock to be moved in and out of the barn without the door impeding. The design of these doors came to be from  these men, and women, and the little resources they had to build them. Today they are used to bring a rustic look into any living space.

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