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Why invest in a product that you’ll have to refinish in a few years? Protect your investment with Eclipse Shutters! Their technological advancements have combined the durability homeowners desire with the look of wood to achieve the ultimate window treatment


Why Eclipse Shutters?

  • Guaranteed to never chip, discolor, warp, peel or crack even in extreme heat or moisture.

  • Easy to clean.  Just wipe down with mild soap and water.

  • When shutters are closed, 99% blockage of UV rays.  No damage to art, floors or furniture.  Very energy efficient.

  • Cord free making them safe for small children.

  • Greenguard certified. Polyresin materials ensure a healthy atmosphere.  Microbial and fungal resistant.

  • Lifetime warranty to the homeowner who purchases the products.


Fully Customizable

Color Options: Cotton, Pearl, Vanilla.

Louver sizes: - 2.5”, 3.5", or, 4.5"


Frame Options:  

Inside Mount Frames - L Frame, Z Frame, Trim Frame, Bullnose Z Frame, Deluxe Trip Frame, Decorative L Frame


Outside Mount Frames - L Frame, Casing Frame, Casing Sill/Decorative L Frame, S Frame (New!)

Standard or Bifold Configuration


Standard or Deluxe Divider Rail


Compliment your Shutters with upgrades:

  • Door Options - French door with cut out

  • Specialty Shaped Windows - Curved Lines, Angled Lines, 11 Options for Shapes.

  • Track Systems – Pantry Doors, Patio Doors, Closet Doors and Room Dividers

  • Bifold one track with multiple stack back options.

  • Closed By-Pass - Two tracks louvers closed when passing.

  • Open By-Pass - Two tracks louvers open when passing or stacking

  • Triple Track By-Pass  - Three tracks, louvers closed when passing or stacking


Control Options

  • Traditional Tilt Bar - positioned in the center of the center of the shutter for classic shutter look.

  • Hidden Rear Tilt - Discreetly positioned on the back of the panel allowing better view through the shutters.

  • Off-Set Tilt - Positioned on either the right or left side of the shutter for less interruption to the view.

  • Split-Tilt – Allows each section of louvers to move independently for maximum privacy control.


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